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Absolute precision is the basic requirement to ensure the creation of a high-quality product. At HEINE this principle applies to the entire production chain. Our lenses, for example, are manufactured using the latest CNC-controlled, state-of the art machines. Many of the lenses are manufactured with an accuracy of +/- 0.0001 mm. This is 20 times less than the diameter of a human hair.

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Neodisher concepts and products guarantee first class results and the longevity of high-quality materials. Here you will find the neodisher product perfectly suited for every purpose and for every material.

  • For more than 60 years Geuder manufactures ophthalmic surgical products of the utmost quality and reliability. Our developments are based on the latest technical innovations and intensive contact with ophthalmologists around the world. More than 3,000 different precision instruments cover the requirements for the anterior and posterior segment surgeries.

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All in one: the reusable sterilisation, transport- and storage container.

The polySteribox® from Ritter Medical for sterilization of instruments, storage and transportation of sterile goods is a secure solution in line with the requirements of validated processes affecting sterile goods.

The polySteribox® is available in 4 different standardized sizes (SH, M, L and XL) which are suitable for all current sterilization automats. polySteribox is producted out of a transparent, dimensionally stable and high temperature resistant (up to 150 degrees celcius) material. It is therefore suitable for autoclave vacuum sterilization at 121°C or 134°C depending on the sterilization method recommended by relevant authorities such as the Robert Koch Institute in Germany. In addition the polySteribox can be used for plasma sterilization (STEARRAD®) as well as for gas sterilization (formaldehyde and ethylene oxide) at a maximum of 65°C.

Lid and bottom close hermetically and include a built-in bacteria barrier. For your convenience Ritter offers two kinds of PTFE filter sets: a permanent/life-time filter or an annual filter which needs to be changed once a year. The patented interlocking system is compatible within all different models and prevents from accidental opening of the box. The boxes are space-saving and easy to stack, therefore they are wellsuited for storage of sterile goods.


  • Reduction of continuous purchasing-, storage- and disposal costs towards disposable blister packaging.
  • Reduction of working steps due to an easy handling of the box.
  • With regular visual checks the polySteribox® is maintenance-free.
  • When opened the polySteribox® is well-suited for automatic cleaning (e.g. in a dishwasher) and disinfection.
  • Due to its semi-transparent material the content of the polySteribox® is visible and can be examined without opening of the box.
  • Instruments are well-protected against damage and contamination within the polySteribox®.
  • Sterilization seals indicating if the box has already been sterilized as well as safety seals provide a safe documentation.

CE-certified according to the European directive 93/42/EWG and manufactured in line with quality guidelines DIN EN ISO 17664, 13485 and 11137-1. As a validated system the polySteribox® meets the requirements of DIN 58952, DIN 58953, EN 868-1, 868-8 and DIN EN ISO 11607.

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S.C.A Bio-Barrier System is one of the most high-tech sterilesing system for surgical instruments. Different from other sterilesing sytems, bio-barrier is used without a filter paper so that you do not need to care for changing the filter paper. Lids are available in 6 different colours. Click to view


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